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The Golf Your Way System at Work with Jack

What is the Golf Your Way Video Series?

The quickest, simplest and most natural solution to any golfing problem, from bad putting to short hitting. Fix just a part of your game using economical single Chapters or Bundles (starting as low as $4.95) or rethink and remake your entire swing your way with the complete series.

“The best investment in your golf game. At $79.95 for the entire comprehensive 4 hour series, it’s much cheaper than lessons from a pro.
It's a video learning manual that you will return to many times throughout your golfing life."

-John Marshall, Certified GOLF Channel Swing Fix Instructor;
Former American Long Drive Champion


for $10 off the full-series

Or purchase the Introduction plus any one of the 21 Chapters for just $7.95 each.

Or purchase one of the Eight Cost Saving Bundles which are specifically chosen to address specific issues.

“How is this SERIES different than anything out there?”

At just over 4 hours running time, it is not in the typical talking head on the lesson tee format. It does not "TEACH" you any particular method, model, or theory of the perfect swing. You become your own teacher, and master of your own golf swing.

The Golf Your Way Video Series guides you through a simple and efficient process of:

  • Developing your unique training program for your increasing club head and ball speed by 10 % or more in thirty days or less ( for 25 yards or more of driver carry distance).
  • Understanding the physics of impact, including the true ball flight laws and the physical behavior of the club head through impact (allowing you, likely for the first time, to understand your misses, wherein lies the key to continuous and rapid improvement).
  • Quickly and simply finding your own unique pre-swing fundamentals that you can use throughout your golfing life.
  • Identifying for yourself and eradicating as quickly as possible any gross motor flaws in your swing (i.e. those common problems that make it difficult or impossible to hit the shots you desire).
  • Developing your own catalogue of in-swing thoughts and concepts that you can use throughout your golfing life to play your best golf.
  • Becoming a short game artist, not a mechanic, free of the “technique mindset” of traditional golf instruction.

Why does the Golf Your Way System work so well and so quickly?

Because it’s based on modern principles of most efficiently learning motor skills. Some of those principles are:
  • We learn best and more quickly when we fully understand with the left sides of our brain the task we are trying to accomplish.
  • The solutions we come up with for ourselves normally produce superior results.
  • That slightly varying performance enhancement drills produce quicker learning and superior performance.
  • That exaggeration, sometimes extreme, and slow motion deep practice produce changes in gross motor patterns at a much quicker rate.

Will this learning system work for me?

Absolutely, and at a much quicker rate than with standard instruction. It has for thousands of others — slashing handicaps, increasing distances and freeing their minds from technique, allowing them to become short game artists.

Your ability to improve in all aspects of your golf game depends largely on your ability to become self-aware, and self-taught like the best players in the world. Remember, these players do not take “lessons”, they are coached. You can be too. The Golf Your Way System can provide that coaching at a much cheaper price and in a much more exhaustive manner. The Golf Your Way System can greatly speed the process of you becoming a great player, eliminating years of exploring rabbit holes and wasted but expensive instruction. You can still consider standard instruction — but consider it for what it is — just tips that might work for you and might not. Become the master of your golf game, not a slave to instruction. Your scores will be much, much lower and golf, and even practice, will be fun again.


for $10 off the full-series

Golfers Around the World Love the GOLF YOUR WAY SYSTEM

These testimonials are from golfers who have purchased the Golf Your Way System Video Series.

Quick, Amazing Improvement!

“My two month improvement with the Golf Your Way Series has been phenomenal. With a couple of hours of experimentation I identified completely new “fundamentals" for myself and all parts of my game improved virtually overnight. It took my mind off of old positions-based instruction and now I use only athletic feel-based swing thoughts when I play or practice. My handicap has gone from 12 to 4 in 2 months. I plan to use the system for as long as I play. I could not recommend it more highly.”

— Woody Burgess, Editor-in-Chief, The Smokey Mountain Golfer

Now a Shotmaker and Didn’t Even Have to Change my Swing!

“It’s been really amazing. After viewing the Golf Your Way Series and I understood the physics of impact and the importance of club face alignment of address everything changed for me. I immediately got rid of an over-the-top issue that I didn’t have. I had been to a half dozen pros and none had ever mentioned that it might be as simple as how I laid the club face down at address. I didn’t have an over the top problem at all — that’s just what they assumed from the ball’s starting direction. Now that I understand why the ball flies as it does I’ve become a real “shotmaker”, something I was never close to before. I hate to say golf has become easy for me, but it has. I’m playing the best golf of my life. Breaking 80 is not a challenge (before I couldn’t break 90). Maybe the most important thing is I now understand my misses and I can fix it myself. I don’t try a new theory or model every time I hit a bad shot."

— Jeff L., Knoxville, TN - Handicap:4

Now I Understand My Golf Swing Completely, and It’s Completely My Own!

“What helped me the most was finding my own preswing fundamentals and my own concept of the swing (just a pivot around a central axis for me). I literally located them in an afternoon. I now feel completely comfortable and balanced at address and my hands feel like they are molded on the club. I strike the ball straighter and more solid than I ever have. Golf is fun."

- Charles S., Portland, OR - Handicap:7

300 yard drives at 62!

“My clubhead speed and ball speed are up more than 10% in less than 2 weeks. I am carrying the ball more than 25 yards further than before. I hit a drive than traveled more than 300 yards recently (it rolled about 40 yards) for the first time in my life — and I’m 62 years old. I couldn’t be happier!

— Phil P., Memphis, TN - Handicap:12

Saving 5 Shots a Side in Just The Short Game!

“The whole Golf Your Way Series is amazing — so comprehensive —there’s something for everybody. But my biggest improvement has been in the short game. I have developed a little short game arsenal with some experimentation on and around the chipping green. A lot of my practice is just inventing new shots with different clubs -- it’s not hard and a lot of fun. Once I took my mind off of technique my short game dramatically improved. I’m guessing it saves me at least 10 shots a round. I used to hit all kinds of flubs and thins all the while trying to do it like I was taught. Now I just visualize the shot and hit it. My playing partners are calling me one putt."

— Sean T., Orlando, FL - Handicap:14

What exactly is contained in the complete Golf Your Way Video Series? Each video is described below with two free FULL chapters:

Introduction - (12:34)

Golf can’t be taught, only learned and this is the map to follow in discovering your own unique swing fundamentals.

Chapter 1 - The True Ball Flight Laws - (9:39)

Your first necessary step in understanding why the ball behaves as it does.

Chapter 2 - The Amazing and Totally Unappreciated Truth About Club Face Alignment at Address - (8:24)

Your second necessary step in understanding why the ball behaves as it does.

Chapter 3 - Two Cheap But Invaluable Training Aids and How to Use Them - (5:55)

Using a simple alignment stick and club face aimer to understand and visualize ball flight.

Chapter 4 - Finding Your Perfect Grip Assembly - (5:07)

Using a hammer, nail, 5 iron, and impact bag to find your unique perfect grip assembly.

Chapter 5 - How to Find Your Personal Athletic and Powerful Set-Up Assembly - (6:49)

Discover Your Own Unique Perfect Set-Up Assembly Using Only the Right Side of Your Brain.

Chapter 6 - Tentative Ball Position and Distance From the Ball. - (6:17)

Find your perfect ball position and distance from the ball.

Chapter 7 - Roller, Rotator or Blend? - (6:32)

How to decide upon your unique method of squaring the club face using both sides of your brain.

Chapter 8 - The First of the Gross Motor Flaws: Lack of Sufficient Backswing Length or Depth - (6:02)

How to tell if your backswing is long and deep enough and, if not, how to fix it.

Chapter 9 - Gross Motor Flaw # 2 - The Premature Release - (7:00)

How to identify and fix a true premature release.

Chapter 10 - Gross Motor Flaw # 3 - The Over-the-Top Move - (18:38)

How to identify a true over-the-top move and fix it.

Chapter 11 - Gross Motor Flaw # 4 - Stuck on the trail side - (9:10)

How to identify if you are stuck on your trail side and how to fix it.

Chapter 12 - Gross Motor Flaw # 5 - The Hand Flip Through Impact - (8:54)

How to identify if you have a hand flip at impact and how to fix it.

Chapter 13 - Fixing Multiple Motor Flaws at Once - (19:19)

A series of drills that may short cut the process by fixing several flaws at the same time.

Chapter 13, Part II - Golf’s Master Impact Drill - (2:44)

A highly effective impact drill that may fix multiple issues at once.

Chapter 14 - Skill Development For Your New Swing - (24:43)

After purging any gross motor flaws out of your swing, these drills will allow you to control club face, club path and sweet spot contact.

Chapter 15 - How to Use Swing Thoughts and Overall Swing Concepts to Hit Your Best Shots - (14:32)

A catalogue of swing thoughts and concepts for your experimentation.

Chapter 16 - How to Increase Your Club Head Speed Dramatically in Thirty Days - (16:33)

Increasing your clubhead speed using 6 components: overspeed training, flexibility, golf specific strength, timing, grip strength and equipment optimization.

Chapter 17 - How To Miraculously Change Your Short Game in a Week By Abandoning All Standard Instruction - (10:19)

The short game is art, not science and you must create your own unique short game arsenal.

Chapter 18 - How to Putt Like a Twelve Year Old Again - (14:05)

The four principles of great putting: green reading, imagination , concentration, and confidence. Technique is of zero importance.

Chapter 19 - Controlling Shot Length - (17:08)

The art of controlling shot length and trajectory combining the ladder, clock, and speed methods.

Chapter 20 - Seven Lingering and Troubling Questions About Traditional Golf Swing Theory - (12:44)

Question and test everything taught by golf swing gurus.

Chapter 21 - The Track II Default Swing: The Gatepost - (6:59)

A simple, efficient alternative system for those not interested in designing their own golf swing fundamentals.