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The Self Fix Bundle

The Self Fix Bundle

“Experiment, Experiment, Experiment.”

-Butch Harmon

This bundle will quickly and easily guide you in identifying and quickly fixing any of the five gross motor flaws (i.e. any motion that prevents you from or makes it very difficult for you to comply with the ball flight laws). Multiple fixes are suggested for each flaw since we are all different. It also contains multiple drills for fixing multiple issues at the same time and since the flaws are often interrelated these drills are particularly effective for most players. The bundle demonstrates how to diagnose your own real, not perceived, swing issues and quickly fix the issues yourself.

This bundle includes:

By the end of this process you will be your own swing coach and free to just play golf, instead of golf swing , and have fun. This series will be a valuable resource you can return to throughout your golfing life.