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Chapter 13 - Fixing Multiple Motor Flaws at Once - (22:03)

Chapter 13 - Fixing Multiple Motor Flaws at Once - (22:03)

The Award Winning Book Transformed into a Much-Expanded Video Series

The Golf Your Way System is the new paradigm for golf learning. It is the way golf will be learned in the future. It is not a method, model or theory. Rather it is a guide through the process of becoming completely self-taught.

The Process:

  • A series of drills that may short cut the process by fixing several flaws at the same time.
  • A highly effective impact drill that may fix multiple issues at once.

By the end of this process you will be your own swing coach and free to just play golf, instead of golf swing , and have fun. This series will be a valuable resource you can return to throughout your golfing life.